We are very excited to announce our new rental games launcher and bring this into your recreational paintball fields and give the paintball customer a true new experience!  We've created a great addition to our existing and proven software platform that will bring a new and unforgettable experience to your paintball clients with a variety of sounds and effects, complementing the game with background music and epic voice announcements to help prepare for the game and guide clients through the game process.

Activation / Launching

You can activate the game launcher by opening the Game screen and pressing “rental” in the top menu /header. A game launcher window opens in which you can turn on the use of this feature, which will activate epic ball notifications for each game situation, creating a special battle atmosphere for paintball players. It is complemented by various different sound effects and soundtracks that can be varied when selecting settings.

The Rental games launcher is available in several languages – English, German, Spanish, Russian. If necessary, we can supplement this option in the language of your choice.


Epic voice announcements - turns on automatically by activating the rental game launcher function.

Warning theme - various audio signals are available that are used to warn the players of the mask use on the field.

Gun check theme - sound effects are available that are included for the gun check alert/ Before game / break time - soundtrack - these soundtracks will be used during the pre-game break and break time to introduce players to the special game atmosphere.

Game soundtrack - soundtrack options that will encourage players to perform various paintball

How does it work?

Rental games launcher is made up of 4 steps that include security and preparation announcements for the game. The steps can be run automatically or sped up by the user’s choice. The game is started by pressing the base buttons located in the start bases of each team. When you turn on the game launcher “auto run” each notification is repeated 3 times and then automatically proceeds to the next step.

  • goggles warning;
  • gun / marker check alert;
  • Notification of launching the game by pressing the start button on the field. Pressing one of the
    start buttons activates the message that the other button is waiting to be activated.
  • Announcement of the mission with a 10-second countdown.

Game formats

Three game formats are already available on our software platform with the added rental games launcher option:

  1. Xball / or Capture the Flag rental version (conquering an opponent's flag)
  2. Domination (dominating the field by holding an object for a certain period)
  3. Attack / Defense (capturing or holding an object for a limited time)

The following features are common to all these game formats:
Starting the game by pressing the buttons on the starting bases: This feature is not available during goggles warning and marker check alert notifications. The feature is available during break time if the teams are ready to start the next round sooner.

Auto approve and Repeat games: This feature can be turned on when creating game settings.
Auto approve will confirm the play of each game or round after the set time and speed up game management. Repeat games will automatically enter a new game the number of times set after the end of the game settings.


Xball / or Capture the Flag rental version (conquering an opponent's flag)

Game format target: The team must obtain the flag of the opposing team by pressing the button on the base of the opposing team.

Location of buttons on the field: Two base buttons on each side of the field.

Game format and game settings explanation (description): The format can be used to play one  point or to play several points by setting the number of points to be achieved or by setting the max point difference (mercy rule). Each individual point is a round. Rounds can be played in single deck or split deck. This setting is available by entering the team names. Several break times are available in the settings. The first is the game pre break time, which triggers a countdown to the start of the game and  the round. The break time setting guarantees teams a minimum rest time between rounds, regardless of whether the game is in the single deck or split deck mode. Min break time is required to run games in the split deck format. This setting determines the time after the round is played, that is necessary for the pair on the field to leave it and the other team to get to their starting base.

Leaderboard: The Leaderboard displays each won / lost round. In the case of no points, neither team is awarded a winning or a losing point.


Domination (dominating the field by holding an object for a certain period)

Game format target: The team must obtain the object in the center of the field by pressing the button placed there, after which they must conquer the base of the opposing team. The other team can get back their object in the center of the field and, by pressing the button, stop the
points of the opposing team and start earning points for their team, after which they try to take over the opponent's base.

Game format and game settings explanation (description): The format can be used to play one game round / match or it is possible to create a match from several rounds by specifying the number of rounds in the settings. If several rounds are played, there is a setting for changing the sides of the field after a certain number of rounds and specifying the break time between rounds. The settings will specify the maximum number of points and the number of points on the base button. Pressing the field button starts earning team points, with the help of which the team can earn max points - (minus) base points.

  • The maximum number of points a team can earn when one of the teams has pressed the field button and holding this position (not allowing opponents to press their field button) presses the opponent's base button regardless of the remaining playing time.
  • By only pressing the opponent's base button without pressing the field button, only the base button points are given.
  • If the field button has been pressed but is lost when the base button is pressed (opponents have pressed their field button), the team will receive base button points and points earned during the period in which the field button was held

We can choose the rate of earning points by pressing the field button and selecting the settings - points x per x seconds. The game ends when one of the teams earns the maximum number of points or the game time ends, or one of the teams presses the base button of the opposing team. The team that earns the most points wins. When playing a match with several rounds, the sum of the points of all rounds is added together and the team with the highest number of points in all rounds wins.

Leaderboard: The Leaderboard displays each round won / lost.


Attack / Defense (capturing or holding an object for a limited time)

Game format target: One team holds the object but the other team must capture it (release the “hostage”, deactivate the explosive). Each team has the same number of attacks and defenses as the roles change. The object of the game is to complete the attack mission as quickly as possible.

Button layout on the field: Two base buttons. One of them is the attacking team at the starting point while the other button is located on the object whose protecting the defensive team.

Game format and game settings explanation (description): The format can be used to play one or more points in attack and defense by specifying the number of attack / defense rounds for each teams. Within the format, we can use one protected object for teams changing roles and sides, or use a separate defense for each team when one team performs the appropriate number of attacks on an opponent's team object and then the teams change roles but without changing objects and sides.

Game variation with one object:
By default, the software is created with the attacking of a single object after setting the “switch roles” of the number of rounds of the game by changing the roles and sides of the field. For example, we can change roles after playing each round or playing all rounds in one role, after which the same number of rounds is played in the opposite role.

A variation of the game with two objects:
In the case when each of the teams has its own protected object, the game settings to switch sides with “role switch” should be used. In this case, one of the teams will attack the other team's protected object the corresponding number of times that are set, after which the teams will change only the roles without changing their objects.

Determining the winner of the round and the game: The team that completes the mission in the attack within the given time or the defending team defending their object within the attack time wins the round. The team that has won the most attack rounds, wins the overall game. If both teams have the same number of attack rounds, the team that has spent less time attacking of all attack rounds, wins. There may be a situation where neither team has successfully completed any round of attack and the result may remain undecided. In case it is necessary to determine the final winner, a match point setting is available, which will activate another additional round by assigning a role corresponding to the previous game settings.

Auto approve: In this game format, a point is awarded immediately after pressing one of the mission start position buttons. The defending team also has the option to press the starting base button of the attacking team, thus stopping the attack, which can also be used to diversify the game format.

Leaderboard: The Leaderboard displays each round won / lost. In the event of a successful attack, a point is awarded to the attacking team, but in the event of an unsuccessful attack, a point is awarded to the defending team.