Electronic target system

PB Results application PB Target (currently only available for the Apple iOS) that connects to a set of devices.
It consists of:
- receiver (RF Receiver), which provides Bluetooth connection to an Apple device and RF connection with target sensors;
- target sensors that can be used with paintball markers, air soft guns, air guns and even toy NERF guns;
- target plates in the form of a paintball mask. The form of the targets can be changed according to the customers order.

Installation and Activation

- the sensors must be connected to metal target plates of the appropriate color;
- by default, the goals are ranked in the following order by color - red, blue, silver, black (When starting exercises - the red targets will always be first)
- when opening the application, the RF receiver must be connected to your Apple device;
- by pressing manage we can add participants. Here you can add new members, remove them from the training or delete them from the list.
- Set the targets and you are ready to start!

Adding / detaching targets

Initially, the targets are already connected to the receiver.
You can detach the target by pressing the disconnect button in the app settings section.
Disconnecting one of the targets creates a new sequence, excluding the disconnected target from the remaining set of targets;
The target can be re-paired with the receiver by pressing the pairing button in the application and
- making shots at the target (activating target sensor) - by pressing the pairing button on the target sensor board

PB Target App

With the help of the application you can create different exercises (drills), which are combined in 3 different groups:
SHOTS - The target counts hits in the set time period.
TIME RUN - the target records the first hit during the period after the start signal.
MULTI TARGET - A trail of stages with several goals. When shooting a target, you can move on to the next stage target.


Each exercise has the option to set it on the screen:
Play: PARALLEL or ONE BY ONE - determines the order in which the exercise will be performed with the registered participants. If there are more than 4 players, then they will be arranged in several rounds with a maximum of 4 players in one round.
The goal and time settings determine the record in the exercise history, and multiple repetitions of the exercise create statistics for that target, in which it is possible to set up your progress and changes in performance.
DISTANCE - sets the distance to the target;
HAND - indicates with which hand or which side the exercise was performed;
POSITION - indicates the position of the performed exercise;
DRILL TIME LIMIT - determines the max time of the exercise;
Changing any of these 4 parameters will create new statistics!
REPEAT - the setting will determine the number of repetitions(TAKES) of the exercise for all registered participants.

Specific settings for each exercise

SHOTS has a choice - rounds in hopper.
This setting will show the percentage of hits against the rounds in hopper after the exercise. If we perform the exercise in several takes, then the rounds in the hopper will be counted in the total number of repetitions. This stat will only be accurate if players are interested in keeping track of the amount of ammunition before the exercise!

MULTITARGET has the option to specify:
TARGETS PER PLAYER - several targets to exit the trail.
TARGET SETTINGS / DIFFERENT - create your own setting for each target.

Reminder! By changing one of the target parameters, a new exercise will be created, and the target history will be compiled in a separate drill.

The following options are available in the Settings section

- reference time before the start of the exercise;
- breaks between exercises;
- disable and turn on voice notifications.

Target Stats

Target stats will be available for statistics of the participants registered in the training;
Statistics are broken down by the drill type - shots, time run and multitarget;
Changing any of the exercise settings will create a new exercise record;
If an exercise with the same settings is repeated, then all results will be combined under the same drill, regardless of the number or date of the repeat.
Each drill will combine all the takes - determining the average, best and worst result;
A drill graph is also created that reflects the dynamics of the results,
Each exercise also has the option to see the results of an individual take!

Single Target set

Includes – RF receiver, 1 target sensor, 1 target plates (red colour)
€ 355,00

2 Target set

Includes – RF receiver, 2 target sensors, 2 target plates (red and blue colour)
€ 480,00

4 Target set

Includes – RF receiver, 4 target sensors, 4 target plates (red, blue, silver and black colour)
€ 700,00

Separate sensor with target plate

€ 150,00

Target stand full set

Includes – folding stand base, vertical pole, adjustable horisontal pole and target plate adaptor
€ 170,00

Target economy set

Excludes from the full set adjustable horizontal pole
€ 120,00

Adjustable horisontal pole separate

€ 65,00

Target adapter separate

€ 15,00