As we develop and refine our product, we have created various options for displaying results, providing better service in paintball tournaments and entertainment on paintball fields, as well as a solution for video streaming xball and classic format team games with time info and body count options.

The solution is based on a WIFI network connected to the tablet. No need for internet. The tablet generates an IP address which can then be used to retrieve and display the following information:

Default pit zone monitor

To open the local Default pit zone monitor, you need to open a browser address:
http://Tablet IP: 5000
The screen is used mainly for competition purposes or training, showing the game information with
game time and score in the single deck or split deck version.
The Pit monitor can be mirrored on any browser device by entering the tablet-generated IP address. We recommend using a Smart TV or a regular TV by connecting Android Smart boxes which provide browser capability on a regular TV.

Game schedule

To open the local Games schedule - open browser address:
http://Tablet IP:5000/schedule
We have created a game schedule display locally after the schedule download from Downloading a schedule on a tablet requires internet, but it is not needed for the further display of the game schedule. The screen displays the last game, the live game and a list of the next 2-3 games. Creating a team logo on web service will also display it on the game schedules screen.


To open the local Leaderboard - go to:
http://Tablet IP:5000/stats
Leaderboards is created with the intent of helping rental / recreational paintball fields make more use of PB Results on field software for rental paintball games as well as to bring the competition spirit and passion to the game. It can also be useful for collecting results for small tournaments.

Leaderboards maintains and compiles the results of games history of the current month, determining
the best team by the rounds played. A round is the play of one single point. A match can consist of several rounds (point play), but the Leaderboards takes into account each point played. Deleting games history, Leaderboards can be updated at any time. Leaderboards also reflect the achievements of the team, one of those is the breiker team positioning. (neesmu droša, kas šeit domāts).PB Results on field software has 3 different achievements that can be set up at 3 different levels:
Unbeatable – the option to create 3 levels while achieving a certain number of continuous wins
Conqueror – the option to create 3 levels with a certain number of wins
Strategist – the option to create 3 levels with a minimum time limit for one round

Field body count and flag pull for the Classic format

When opening this link, the referee will be able to change the body count + send info about the flag pull:
http://TabletIP: 5000/classic
This option is created for the Classic game format, where points are made up of the player body count, flag pull and flag hang. In fields where the scorekeepers or the field referee do not see the entire field, any of the field referees can use smart devices with a browser and add a body count on the touch screen and capture the flag pull.
- The option helps to do the body count during game play as well as note the flag pull information by
sending it to on field software which collects the game data and creates the game score on its scoresheet.
- At the same time, this information is linked to a stream score bug that shows the changes in the score and the player body count.
- The option also dynamically reflects the result changes if the internet is connected to the pbleagues web service.

Stream score bug

The following links provide game information to the streaming screen with team names, game time /
break time clocks and body count options. Depending on the location of the filming team, two versions
are available, matching the start bases with the team names on the screen on the same side.
link to stream pit zone:
http://Tablet IP:5000/alt - if filming is inside the field with scorekeeper / on field software.
http://Tablet IP:5000/alt?reverse=1 (this parameter you should use if you need to switch teams on
score bug) This usually happens when filming takes place from the opposite side of the field relative to
the location of the scorekeeper / on field software
http://Tablet IP:5000/alt?players=1 (link adds score bug with player body count)
http://Tablet IP: 5000/alt?players=1&reverse=1 (this parameter should be used if you need to switch teams on score bug including body count)

Field body count for the Xball format

http://Tablet IP:5000/field (players manage here)
Organizers do not always have the human resources to provide this option, so the score bug is also
available in versions with and without body count. This option is related to performing body count for
Xball games, which allows you to make the live stream screen more dynamic. The live stream viewer
does not always see everything happening on the field and this option will help your live stream viewers
get more accurate info about the current field and the number of players in play.