About PB results
During the years in any type of sport, change takes place along with evolution in its every aspect. Living in our modern society, more and more possibilities are researched to popularize and make it accessible to the general public using various technologies for publicizing and attracting the crowd, as well as technological innovations that help make the job easier for organizers and judges. This also improves the competitions service level for its participants.
PB Results companies creators and products have new and innovative ideas for paintball competition management, judging and organizing, unlike any other products in the world.
    PB Results have created an unique paintball tournament manager, where software is connected to the companies’ developed wireless game controlling equipment and technical solutions.
This field management software is compatible with an online web service that provides data exchange, tournament schedule download and uploading results to www.pbleagues web service online.
The main assets of our product are:
  • There is no need for special and expensive equipment for game or practice, except for a portable PC or Android tablet with our software;
  • All game results are automatically saved, completely saying goodbye to writing protocols on paper;
  • Innovative wireless solutions for products, that are required for automatic game management including a new product- the head referee wireless remote control;
  • Reasonable prices, comparing to mobile gaming, better functionality and less installation work on assembling the equipment;
  • The software gives you the option to manage games in different game formats, ensuring the archiving of results;
  • Features for easier use of software for practice purposes are available;
  • Instant online results with the web service.