Technical software
Latest release

1.5.12 for Windows
1.5.12 for Mac
– Available for: Windows XP and upper and Mac OS X systems.

Please, be informed, that the full version of software will be available only if RF Receiver is connected to your computer. Using this version without RF Receiver will give you only the DEMO version possibilities. Some necessary features such as Division settings and Game History are not available in DEMO version.

Download user manual
Package includes
  • Base buttons — 2 pcs.
  • Pit zone buttons with protection — 2 pcs.
  • Key's for pit zone buttons with belts
    (4 keys for every button) — 8 pcs.
  • Referee remote control — 1 pc.
  • RF receiver — 1 pc.
  • Tournament manager software — for one field
Special hardware features
  • This equipment is a great wireless solution made according to all required standards;
  • Quick, easy installation and change of hardware;
  • Waterproof field equipment;
  • All field equipment with long-life battery power;
  • With the remote control, it is possible to manage the game from the inside of the field (including point approving, penalties, start and stop functions). Pit Zone button activation is the key (issued by the team delegate before the game start).
Basic software features
  • Running the games in dual (4 teams) and single (2 teams) mode with wireless hardware (field and pit zone buttons, referee remote control);
  • Creating different division settings;
  • Sound and voice signals;
  • Game history after the games;
  • Score sheet for printing ín PDF format;
  • Game score and penalty's editing function.
Basic software functions
  • Connectable with various screens;
  • Connectable with various sound devices.
Paintball Tournament Manager
(free for tests on
  • Planning of any tournament type, scheduling;
  • Tournament finals auto generation (1/16,1/8, Quarter, semi and finals);
  • Self-service online scores;
  • Availability to export created tournament to Basic Software;
  • Easy-to-print tournament schedule;
  • Score archive;
  • Advertising possibilities.
Paintball Tournament Manager PRO
(coming soon)
  • Live results from the fields, right from Basic Software;
  • Live info from Pit zone Monitors during the game;
  • Lots of small useful updates to Paintball Tournament Manager.
Additional features
Steel legs for the buttons
  • Foldable for easier transportation and storing
  • Button with fastener, removable for easier transportation
  • Adjustable button height
  • Fasteners for land use
LED Scoreboard
  • Wireless solution which works with Receiver from PB Results Basic Pack
  • Reflects team names, results, game time and time out
  • Team names may consist up to 8 characters
  • Height of numbers and letters 18 cm
  • Identifier to determine teams in field change
  • Fasteners for hanging the scoreboard on the top and bottom
  • Three sizes: 100 x 110 x 8; 200 x 110 x 8; 300 x 110 x 8 CM
  • Each Scoreboard consists from panels which are 100 x 110 x 8 CM,
    so the scoreboard is easy to carry even in small car
  • Numbers on scoreboard are protected with acrylic glass board
Pit Zone area monitors
  • Solution based on tournament experience, using 32” TV monitors as a model
  • Monitors are placed in safety boxes
  • Safety boxes come with removable screen lid for safe transportation and storage
  • Extra glass layer for screen protection
  • Built-in handles for easier transportation
  • Fasteners for hanging the monitor
  • Monitor displays the single or dual games mode
  • In dual game mode on the pit zone monitor is available info for active and passive game status

COMING SOON - Wireless Pit zone monitors
Pit Zone monitor steel legs
  • In addition to the safety box, there is a frame screwed on for placing the monitor on steel legs
  • Steel legs consist of two parts (horizontal and vertical), both are foldable for easier transportation and storage